Niharika (In the Mist) Movie Download 2023 Full HD 1080p, 720p, 480p

Niharika (In the Mist) Movie Download 2023 Full HD 1080p, 720p, 480p: We cordially invite you to enter the captivating world of “Niharika (In the Mist),” a Bengali film by accomplished director Indrasis Acharya. 

This film has become highly relevant in the entertainment business thanks to its gripping plot and superb cast performances.

Niharika (In the Mist) Movie Download

The movie was released on July 21, 2023, and both fans and critics expressed excitement. Audiences are enthused to investigate Niharika 2023 movie engaging plot and take in the multifaceted characters’ nuanced portrayals of events from real life.

TitleNiharika (In the Mist)
Release DateJuly 21, 2023 (India)
DirectorIndrasis Acharya
WriterIndrasis Acharya
Runtime2 hours 3 minutes
Production CompanyPastel Entertainments & Media
Budget₹9,000,000 (estimated)
CinematographySantanu De
Music DirectorJoy Sarkar
EditingLubdhak Chatterjee
Main Cast Anuradha Mukherjee (Deepa)
Shilajit Majumdar
Mallika Mazumdar (Choti Mami)
Anindya Sengupta (Rangan)
Rohini Chatterjee
Box Office CollectionSee here
Filming LocationsBihar, India

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Niharika (In the Mist) Movie: Plot and Cast

“Niharika (In the Mist)” takes us on a journey into the life of a strong woman who overcomes a challenging and brutal background without giving anything away. Her journey to figure out her gender identity is explored in the film, which follows her from childhood to maturity. 

Throughout this voyage, she finds comfort in a lonely home in a hostile area, eventually offering her a much-needed haven on Earth.

The movie has an exceptional ensemble that brings these intriguing characters to life. As Deepa, the protagonist, Anuradha Mukherjee excels, giving life to and depth to her emotions. 

As Deepa’s Younger Uncle, Shilajit Majumdar gives a superb portrayal, and Mallika Mazumdar makes an impression as Choti Mami. They work as a unit to support this exceptional cinematic experience.

Niharika Movie 2023: Music and Songs

Joy Sarkar is the talented composer of the “Niharika (In the Mist’s)” soul-stirring song. The movie’s soundtrack has a lasting impression on the audience, adding to the narrative’s emotional richness. 

Each piece connects to the subjects discussed in the film, creating an unforgettable and engaging musical experience.

The soundtrack is a companion throughout the film’s painful journey for the audience, enhancing the feelings seen on screen. The songs from “Niharika (In the Mist)” have connected with audiences, enriching their movie-watching experience with uplifting melodies and deep sounds.

Niharika Bengali Movie Release and Box Office Collection

It was carefully prepared for “Niharika (In the Mist)” to be released to attract the audience immediately. The movie received much attention and favorable reviews on the opening day. 

Fans went to the theaters in anticipation of watching the captivating journey of the lead character, Deepa, as she struggled through her history and looked for her gender identity.

The success of “Niharika (In the Mist)” at the box office reflects the audience’s response to the film. The film’s compelling story and strong performances have struck a chord with audiences, resulting in a great box office run. 

All types of viewers have praised the film’s capacity to illuminate complex subjects and universal human experiences.

Niharika (In the Mist) Movie Download 2023

Legal movie viewing is essential for sustaining the film industry and the artists that pour their hearts and souls into works of art like “Niharika (In the Mist).” Piracy activities have severe repercussions for the pirates themselves as well as for the movie industry.

It’s important to select reputable streaming or download services for “Niharika (In the Mist)” if you want to see the film without running afoul of the law. 

Unauthorized copies may be available on websites like Filmyzilla and Filmywap, but we highly advise against using them because they discredit the performers’ and directors’ labor of love.

Instead, use trustworthy platforms that uphold the authors’ intellectual property rights. A safe and ethical way to watch “Niharika (In the Mist)” and support the film industry is by using well-known streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or official websites that host Bengali movies.

Niharika Movie Download MLWBD Filmywap Filmyzilla

Piracy and movie leaks are ongoing problems for the film business. Sadly, “Niharika (In the Mist)” has not been exempt from such occurrences. Unauthorized downloading has been made possible by the appearance of pirated film versions on websites like Tamilrockers, Movierulz, MLWBD, Filmywap, Filmyzilla.

The film business and its stakeholders, including actors, directors, and production companies, are severely harmed by piracy. It hurts a movie’s overall box office performance and future investments in unique cinematic experiences.

The government has been taking proactive measures to stop piracy and safeguard the intellectual property of filmmakers. Strict rules and penalties for pirates are intended to deter such behavior and encourage using legal channels for content consumption.

Niharika Movie Watch Online

There are legitimate streaming platforms where “Niharika (In the Mist)” can be watched guilt-free and legally for fans who want the ease of watching movies online. If the film is available on platforms like Netflix, streaming it, there is a safe, simple, and legal choice.

Prioritizing permitted platforms is crucial for a flawless and satisfying movie-watching experience. This benefits the film business, expanding high-quality content and producing more thought-provoking films like “Niharika (In the Mist).”


“Niharika (In the Mist)” is more than just a movie; it examines empowerment, resiliency, and self-discovery. The outstanding cast and team made a cinematic masterpiece that touches people’s hearts and starts conversations.

Our duty as moviegoers is to use legitimate means to watch and enjoy the artistic merit of films like “Niharika (In the Mist).” Let’s assist the film business by adopting legitimate outlets and opposing piracy.

Movies can inspire, amuse, and positively impact our lives and culture. Let’s acknowledge the influence of film and remain ardent advocates of the fascinating and varied stories that are told on the big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

When was the movie “Niharika (In the Mist)” released?

“Niharika (In the Mist)” was released on July 21, 2023, in India.

What is the genre of the movie “Niharika (In the Mist)”?

The movie “Niharika (In the Mist)” falls under the genre of Drama.

Can I download “Niharika (In the Mist)” from websites like MLWBD, Filmyzilla or Filmywap?

Filmywap, MLWBD Filmyzilla are unauthorized websites from which we highly advise against downloading movies. Such behavior encourages piracy and damages the movie business. Instead, watch the film on a legal platform.

Are there any legal streaming services where I can watch “Niharika (In the Mist)” online?

Yes, “Niharika (In the Mist)” may be available on legal streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. A safe and moral movie-watching experience is guaranteed when using these reliable sites.

How does piracy impact the film industry?

The film industry and those involved in it suffer from piracy. Losses are incurred, future film investments are impacted, and the expansion of high-quality materials needs to be improved. Authorities are taking action to stop piracy and safeguard content providers’ intellectual property.


The purpose of this article is solely to provide information about the movie “Niharika (In the Mist)” and its various aspects. We do not encourage or promote any form of copyright infringement, piracy, or illegal movie downloads. We strongly advocate supporting the film industry by choosing legitimate platforms for watching movies. All the information shared in this article is based on publicly available sources and does not intend to violate any copyright laws or intellectual property rights. 

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