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Leader: Amie Bangladesh Movie Download Full HD 1080p, 720p, 480p Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, MLWBD: Bangladesh saw the debut of the suspenseful Bengali movie “Leader Amie Bangladesh” on April 22, 2023. 

The movie, directed by Topu Khan, is set where political authority is abused and corruption is rampant. It chronicles a young man’s transformational journey as he strives to bring about justice and positive change for the populace.

Leader Amie Bangladesh Movie Download

In Bangladeshi films, “Leader Amie Bangladesh” is quite significant. It is a gripping action-drama that addresses important socioeconomic themes, making it current and relatable to the local audience. 

The movie’s examination of political power abuse and corruption is timely, given the sociopolitical environment at the time, which affects both audiences and the film business.

Leader Amie Bangladesh Full Movie Plot and Cast

“Leader Amie Bangladesh” tells the tale of Nafees Iqbal, a young guy who observes the widespread exploitation and corruption in his society. 

Nafees sets out to fight these injustices and ferret out crooked individuals since she has a strong sense of justice. He represents change and hope for the oppressed people as he challenges authority figures and fights the status quo.

TitleLeader Amie Bangladesh
Release Year2023
Runtime2 hours 24 minutes
DirectorTopu Khan
GenreAction, Drama
IMDb Rating8.0/10
CastShakib Khan (Nafees Iqbal), Shabnam Bubly (Mila Chowdhury), Misha Sawdagor (Azim Millat), Shahiduzzaman Selim (Home Minister)
Production CompanyBengal Multimedia
SynopsisA young man embarked on a transformative journey to rid society of corruption and the misuse of political power.
Box Office Collection৳9.56 crore (US$890,000)
SoundtrackSurma Surma
Online StreamingLegal platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Hoichoi
Legal Movie DownloadRecommended platforms to download legally
Caution Against PiracyAvoid illegal downloads and piracy

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Main characters and cast (Full List)

The lead character, Nafees Iqbal, is portrayed by Shakib Khan in the film’s ensemble cast. Misha Sawdagor shows Azim Millat, while Shabnam Bubly plays Mila Chowdhury. Shahiduzzaman Selim plays the Home Minister. These gifted performers’ performances substantially enhance the movie’s impact and storytelling.

Standout performances and contributions

The portrayal of Nafees Iqbal by Shakib Khan is a captivating and convincing performance that perfectly captures the character’s evolution and tenacity. Additionally, Topu Khan’s skill as a director, combined with the compelling screenplay, raises the film to a commendable level of narrative.

Leader: Amie Bangladesh Trailer and Pre-Release Buzz

When the “Leader Amie Bangladesh” teaser debuted, it attracted much attention. The expectation among the audience was increased by the glimpses it provided of the strong action sequences, moving dialogue, and social messages in the film. 

Its attractive visuals, and engaging plot facilitated the trailer’s widespread favorable reception. The release of the teaser generated a lot of discussion on social media sites, with viewers expressing enthusiasm and wanting to see the movie. 

The film’s socially important premise and Shakib Khan’s acting were both lauded by viewers, which increased interest in its upcoming release.

“Leader Amie Bangladesh” was expected to have a big impact at the box office, given the response to the teaser and the popularity of the performers. 

Many people hoped that the movie would not only be enjoyable but would also spark important conversations about the political and corrupt practices that are common in Bangladesh.

Leader Amie Bangladesh Movie Download: Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, MLWBD

Prioritizing legal options is vital while downloading movies like “Leader Ami Bangladesh.” Legal movie downloads help the film industry and content producers, enabling them to keep doing high-quality work. 

By deciding on legitimate distribution channels, moviegoers can indulge guilt-free and support the development of Bangladeshi cinema.

Recommended platforms to download “Leader Amie Bangladesh”

Reputable websites with approved access to the film “Leader Amie Bangladesh” are available to people interested in downloading it. 

These platforms could consist of reliable streaming services, official production company websites, and platforms for on-demand movies. These resources guarantee a smooth and excellent movie-watching experience.

Ensuring safety and avoiding piracy

Piracy is still a major issue in the film industry because it reduces filmmakers’ income and puts viewers’ safety in danger. It’s critical to avoid pirated websites like Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, and MLWBD when downloading or watching movies. 

Illegal downloads could violate copyright and expose users to malicious software or viruses. Sticking with legal sources to ensure safety and assist the film industry is the proper decision.

Leader Ami Bangladesh Box Office Collection and Success

The audience paid close attention to “Leader Amie Bangladesh” after it was released in Bangladesh on April 22, 2023. The film’s initial box office numbers demonstrated its appeal and favorable reception among audiences. Both moviegoers and the film industry carefully watched the opening weekend take and following performances.

Comparing “Leader Amie Bangladesh” to other top-grossing films

“Leader Amie Bangladesh” was undoubtedly compared to other top-grossing movies of the year as one of the most eagerly awaited films 2023. An in-depth analysis was done to evaluate the movie’s performance at the box office, the response from viewers, and its impact on the business.

Impact of the movie on the Bangladesh film industry

The Bangladeshi film industry could be significantly affected by “Leader Amie Bangladesh” in the long run. Its depiction of important social concerns and compelling storytelling may open the door for future provocative and socially meaningful films. 

Additionally, the film’s popularity can inspire other directors to investigate related subjects and push Bangladeshi cinema’s boundaries.

Leader Amie Bangladesh IMDb Rating and Reviews

The popularity of “Leader Amie Bangladesh” among worldwide viewers is mostly determined by its IMDb rating. IMDb users can rate and review movies, providing useful information about the audience’s perceptions and the movie’s critical reception. 

Examining the IMDb rating offers a window into the film’s acceptance and success on a global scale.

IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 (2.2k Review)

Critical reception and audience feedback

The IMDb rating, reviews from critics, and audience comments heavily influence the film’s impact. The overall success of the picture and its long-term legacy can be affected by favorable reviews from critics and enthusiastic viewer feedback.

Influence of reviews on the movie’s success

The success of “Leader Ami Bangladesh” may be influenced by positive and negative reviews. Negative reviews may decrease audience interest, while positive reviews may increase viewership and improve box office results. Analyzing how studies have affected the film’s trajectory within the Bangladeshi film industry is crucial.

Leader: Amie Bangladesh Songs and Soundtrack Analysis

The emotional impact of “Leader Amie Bangladesh” is significantly enhanced by the soundtrack. It may be clearer to see how music enhances the narration by highlighting noteworthy songs and their relevance to particular moments.

Relevance of the soundtrack in enhancing the movie’s impact

Music can enhance the visual experience and stir viewers’ emotions. Understanding how the music contributes to the overall impact and audience engagement of “Leader: Amie Bangladesh” by examining the soundtrack’s applicability is made easier.

Reception of the music among the audience

It’s crucial to investigate how the film’s soundtrack affects the audience. Positive reviews of the soundtrack can be a sign of how well-received it is as a standalone release and how well it connects with listeners outside of the context of the film.

Leader: Amie Bangladesh Full Movie – Download and Watch Online

There are acceptable solutions for individuals who want to view “Leader :Amie Bangladesh” responsibly and lawfully. The film’s production company or distributor’s authorized official platforms and streaming services provide a safe and legal way to download or stream the entire movie. 

Viewers can see the film without breaking copyright restrictions and help the film industry by selecting these legitimate options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers:

Where can I watch “Leader Amie Bangladesh” online legally?

Watching “Leader Amie Bangladesh” on trustworthy streaming services that include Bengali movie selections is legal. 

Popular alternatives include officially sanctioned websites or applications like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Hoichoi, which frequently provide a variety of regional movies like this one. 

You can watch the film without worrying about legal ramifications and help the filmmakers by selecting legitimate platforms.

How successful was “Leader Amie Bangladesh” at the box office compared to other films?

In response, “Leader Amie Bangladesh” enjoyed impressive box office success. The film’s early box office receipts were outstanding, drawing sizable crowds to theaters. 

However, particular numbers may vary. Its distinctiveness among its contemporaries was revealed through comparisons with other top-grossing movies of the year, confirming its positive commercial impact on the Bangladeshi film industry.

What is the IMDb rating for “Leader Amie Bangladesh”?

“Leader Amie Bangladesh” has received positive user reviews and constructive criticism, according to the most recent trends and ratings on IMDb. 

The film has received a notable IMDb rating, demonstrating its broad appeal and acclaim among viewers and reviewers.

Which songs from the movie’s soundtrack received acclaim?

The soundtrack to the movie “Leader Amie Bangladesh” is enthralling and perfectly complements the story. SURMA SURMA was one of the notable songs that the audience praised. 

Audiences praised the soundtrack for its catchy melodies and poignant lyrics, and it played a significant part in increasing the emotional effect of the movie.

How did the portrayal of the leader of the opposition add depth to the storyline?

An important plot point in “Leader Amie Bangladesh” was the opposition leader’s persona, which gave the scenario depth and complexity. 

The protagonist’s transformational journey and the underlying topic of battling corruption and political abuse were influenced by the character’s behavior and actions in the movie. 

The portrayal expertly captured the difficulties leaders encounter in a culture that struggles with questions of power and morality.


As “Leader Amie Bangladesh” carved its position in Bangladeshi cinema history, it created a lasting impact as a movie that entertained and sparked viewers’ sense of duty and awareness. 

The film earned support and respect from both spectators and critics, as seen by the positive reviews, strong box office performance, and positive IMDb reviews. 

“Leader Ami Bangladesh” showed how cinema can influence social change and reinforced how crucial storytelling is to forming the public’s perception of the world.

As a result, “Leader Amie Bangladesh” continues to be a significant and revolutionary cinematic experience that honors the power of Bangladeshi filmmaking to tackle societal challenges. 

The movie has properly earned its place as an enduring and important contribution to the nation’s cinema thanks to its distinctive plot, great performances, and lasting impact. 

The legacy of “Leader Ami Bangladesh” will remain as audiences continue to engage with this compelling story, motivating upcoming generations of filmmakers to produce thought-provoking movies that empower and inspire the audience. 


The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. We do not endorse or promote any form of copyright infringement, piracy, or illegal distribution of copyrighted material. All rights to the movie “Leader Amie Bangladesh” belong to its rightful owners. Please support the film industry by using legal platforms for movie streaming and downloads.

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