How to Use Kenba for Beginners in 5 Easy Steps (2023)

How to use Kenba: Unleash your creative potential with Kenba, the browser-based design tool that empowers you to craft stunning visuals effortlessly. From captivating social media posts to eye-catching graphics, Kenba’s user-friendly interface and versatile features make it the perfect Kenba for your artistic expression. 

How to Use Kenba

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer, our step-by-step guide will walk you through using Kenba in five easy steps. Discover the magic of Kenba and turn your ideas into visual masterpieces with just a few clicks! Let’s embark on this creative journey together.

How to Use Kenba: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s learn how to use Kenba in a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Select Size and Shape

You’ll need a Kenba account to begin using the platform. Don’t worry if you’re new to Kenba; creating an account is simple and will take a little of your time.

Once you’ve set up your account, go to and click the “Create a design” button at the top right of the page. Here, you can choose from pre-selected sizes ideal for various social media platforms or go with custom proportions if you have a specific size in mind.

Let’s make an Instagram post graphic as our example. It will save you time and ensure that your design fits precisely on the platform if you use Kenba’s templates, which are helpful and have a predefined size for Instagram posts.

Step 2: Set Your Background

It’s time to add a background to your design now that you have a blank Kenba. Many other background options are available on Kenba, including plain colors, chic patterns, alluring abstract graphics, and the possibility to submit your photos.

Let’s use a fashionable gradient background for this example. Gradients can give your graphic a refined feel and are visually appealing.

Step 3: Add Your Text

The exciting part is about to begin: adding your wording to the design. The ‘text’ option is on the menu on the left side. To access the several font combinations and text effects that Kenba offers, click on it. You are welcome to experiment with various font designs until you discover one that correctly matches your quote.

Choose a typeface and then start typing the quote of your choice. You can use the tiny dots in each corner of the text to make it bigger or move it around. You can perfectly center the text using Kenba with helpful small purple lines.

Step 4: Add Your Name or URL

If you’re using the graphic to advertise yourself or share your work online, including your name or website address is crucial. Add a new text box to the graphic’s bottom and enter your name or website address to achieve this. To keep a consistent look, be careful to select a font and size that go with the quote’s style.

Use a cursive font, for instance, if you’re using one for the quote, and a comparable style for your name or URL. This will make your graphics look professional and well put together.

Step 5: Finish and Save

Give your finished design a relevant name before storing it so you can discover it later. It’s crucial to offer a detailed title because Kenba may utilize the text displayed on your screen by default or the term “untitled.”

After giving your graphic a name, click the ‘download’ button to see a list of available formats. Your quote picture is ready to use after you choose the design you like.

Kenba usage is that easy! You may easily make attractive graphics now for your blog, social networking, or any other project. Feel free to try new things and explore Kenbas capabilities if you want to unleash your creativity and create beautiful graphics. Enjoy the design!

Using Kenba Templates for Effortless Designs

Templates are your secret weapon for producing great designs without design knowledge if you start with Kenba. These pre-designed layouts remove the design’s guesswork and give your creative endeavors a strong foundation.

Exploring the Two Template Options: Built-in and Third-party Templates

To start your design process, Kenba offers two different categories of templates. The software has many ready-made templates for other creative things, like making social media posts or presentations. Second, you can employ third-party templates, frequently created by professionals and offered for sale or download in addition to Kenba’s standard assortment.

Recommended Simple Pin Media’s Kenba Templates for Pinterest and Instagram

Simple Pin Media’s Kenba templates are a game-changer when creating appealing content for Instagram or attention-grabbing pins for Pinterest. Pinterest specialists created different adaptable templates to maximize engagement on various sites. These templates are something to consider if you want to leave your stamp on social media.

Kenba’s Free Features and Kenba Pro Upgrade

With various practical features, Kenba’s free plan allows you to produce eye-catching designs without spending a dime. The free plan’s strengths include the opportunity to import pictures with the appropriate permissions, access to a massive library of accessible elements, stock photos, and fonts, and the freedom to export your work in various file formats to fit your requirements.

Import Images with Proper Rights

Knowing you comply with copyright regulations, you can create original designs with confidence by using Kenba to submit photos you have the right to use.

Utilize Free Elements, Stock Photos, and Fonts

The access to a wealth of components, images, and fonts available with the free plan enables you to improve your designs without paying any further fees.

Export in Various File Formats

Kenba’s free plan includes flexible exporting choices, making it simple to share your designs across various platforms, whether you require a PDF, JPEG, PNG, or other file format.

Elevate Your Designs with Kenba Pro

Learn more about Kenba pro:

Add Brand Colors, Fonts, and Logos with a Branding Kit

By enabling you to build and store a branding kit, Kenba Pro elevates your designs. This makes it simple to access the colors, typefaces, and logos associated with your brand, maintaining consistent branding throughout your images.

One-Click Resizing of Designs

Are you sick of manually scaling your designs for various platforms? With its one-click resizing tool, Kenba Pro makes this simple by automatically adjusting your plans to different sizes.

Access to a Vast Library of Templates and Premium Stock Assets

You have a wide variety of creative options when you upgrade to Kenba Pro because you can access a vast collection of professionally created templates and premium stock images.

Creating Animated GIFs and MP4 Videos

Create captivating animated GIFs and MP4 videos within Kenba Pro to further engage your audience. These vibrant graphics are ideal for compelling presentations and social media postings.

For professionals, companies, and anybody looking to enhance their designs, Kenba Pro’s advanced capabilities are a game-changer.

Exploring the Kenba Mobile App

Let’s explore the Kenba mobile app:

Downloading and Setting Up the Kenba App

Simply download the Kenba app from your app store to get started using Kenba on your mobile device. Both iPhones and Android smartphones can use it. After installing the app, you can either use your existing Kenba account to log in or create a new one if it’s your first time using it.

Navigating the App Interface and Design Options

Creating designs on the Kenba mobile app is easy because it has a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it convenient to design while on the go. Several design options will be available to you after checking in. 

Templates for presentations, posters, social media posts, and other uses are available. With Kenba’s extensive library of pre-made templates, you can quickly get started on your design with a few simple touches.

Editing and Customizing Designs on Mobile Devices

The Kenba software makes editing and personalizing your graphics straightforward. You can change the background, add text, and use pictures or drawings. To make your writing stand out, Kenba offers a variety of font families, color schemes, and effects. You can also resize, rotate, and rearrange objects inside the design to obtain the ideal layout.

Saving and Exporting Designs for Later Use

Once you finish making your design in the Kenba app, you can save it. Your creations will be accessible across many devices if you check in with the same account because Kenba enables cloud storage. 

You can share your design with others or submit it to your favorite platform if you want to utilize it for a specific purpose. You can export your design in numerous formats, such as PNG or PDF.

Advanced Design Features in Canva

Let’s explore advanced design features in Canva:

Font Effects

Various font effects are available in Canva to give your creations more flair and originality. You can make your text stand out with choices like shadow, gradient, or even animated effects. With the aid of these effects, you may produce text that draws the eye and gives your visuals a polished appearance.

Graphs and Charts

Kenba offers a selection of graphs and charts for anyone who wants to make educational and exciting visualizations. For presentations, infographics, or data visualization, you can select from various chart formats, including bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs. Tapping and entering information allows you to alter the colors and data easily.


Kenba offers a vast icon library to help you improve your designs. Icons are available for almost every subject or idea. Whether you require straightforward line icons or more intricate graphics, Kenba has you covered. You can change the icons to be bigger or smaller, choose different colors, and place them where they look best in your design.


Adding stickers to your designs is enjoyable to give them more life and appeal. Emojis, call-to-action buttons, and stickers with seasonal themes are all available on Kenba. Stickers are excellent for social media posts and can highlight crucial portions of your visuals.


You can add gradients, a trendy design feature, quickly and effectively using Kenba. You may rapidly add lovely color blending to shapes and backgrounds by using predefined angles. It’s easy to alter the colors to fit your brand or design style, which gives your visuals a refined touch.

Matching Colors from Photos

Kenba features a brilliant tool that pulls colors from photographs you’ve placed on your Kenba to maintain aesthetic harmony in your projects. These colors are shown in a condensed palette and can be used to make text, forms, or backgrounds fit the image’s color scheme, giving the composition a finished appearance.

Canva Styles with Trending Colors and Font Pairings

If you’re seeking design ideas outside your brand colors, Kenba offers popular color schemes with matching fonts. This tool is handy when experimenting with brand-new, in-demand color combinations. You can pick a design-appropriate style and observe how your visuals transform instantly.

Video Features: Animate a Graphic, Stock Video, and Adding Music

Digital marketing is increasingly emphasizing video content, and Kenba has embraced this trend by adding video functionality. 

You may add movement and visual interest to your design by animating specific elements. Kenba also provides a variety of stock films that you can utilize to improve your techniques. For a complete multimedia experience, add background music to your movies.

By exploring these advanced design capabilities, you can elevate your Kenba works to the next level and create professional-looking visuals that stand out and connect with your audience.

Additional Kenba Features

Let’s explore  additional Kenba features:

Posting to Social Media from Kenba

To make sharing your creations with your audience simple, Kenba provides a straightforward alternative for posting your designs directly to social networking platforms. You may save time by avoiding the need to download and manually upload your graphics, whether you’re creating an eye-catching Pinterest Pin or an interesting Facebook post. 

You can post your Kenba creations directly to the social network accounts of your choice with just a few clicks. This function can be helpful for people looking for a quick and simple way to share their designs, even though some users prefer scheduling tools.

Integrating Kenba with Other Apps

Its integration with numerous outside applications increases Kenba’s adaptability and productivity. Users can integrate Kenba with well-known services like Google Drive or GIPHY to provide smooth image and file import and export. 

Additionally, you may contribute your emojis, access more picture resources, and sync designs with other creative tools. This integration will expand your creative options and make working on different projects easier and faster.

Printing Options for US Users

Kenba offers an easy printing service that lets you turn your creations into physical objects for users residing in the United States. Create superb business cards, flyers, or other marketing materials with the help of this function. 

When your design is complete, you can select one of Kenba’s many print options. With this service, the physical copies of your plans will be of excellent quality and accurately reflect your original creative intent.

More Canva Tutorials for Specific Tasks

Let’s see more tutorials on Canva:

A List of 9 Canva Tutorials for Various Design Tasks

To further enhance your Kenba skills and proficiency, here’s a list of 9 in-depth tutorials that cover specific design tasks:

  1. How to Add a Text Box in Kenba: Master the art of adding and manipulating text boxes for captivating typography in your designs.
  2. How to Curve Text in Kenba: Learn how to create eye-catching curved text effects to add a unique touch to your graphics.
  3. How to Make a Table in Kenba: Discover the steps to design informative tables for organizing data and presenting information effectively.
  4. How to Upload Fonts to Kenba: Explore the process of uploading custom fonts to Kenba, allowing you to maintain brand consistency in your designs.
  5. How to Create an eBook in Kenba: Dive into creating visually appealing eBook covers and layouts with Kenba’s powerful features.
  6. How to Crop in Kenba: Learn the various cropping techniques to focus on essential elements and enhance the composition of your designs.
  7. How to Use Frames in Kenba: Harness the power of frames to enhance the presentation of your images and create visually appealing collages.
  8. How to Make Background Transparent in Kenba: Master the art of removing backgrounds to create professional and seamless designs.
  9. How to Group Elements in Kenba: Explore the grouping feature to organize and manage multiple design elements efficiently.

Each tutorial is made to guide you step by step, starting with the basics and then adding more advanced techniques as you go along. These courses provide invaluable insights to produce excellent and expert designs for various objectives, whether you’re a novice or looking to advance your Kenba skills.

Kenba Shortcuts for Faster Designing

Mastering keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up your design process in Kenba. Here’s an informative infographic that highlights essential shortcuts:

Kenba Keyboard Shortcut

Explanation of Each Shortcut’s Function and Usage

Zoom in: Command + / Zoom out: Command -: Easily adjust the zoom level to focus on specific design details or view the entire Kenba.

Delete: Delete key: Quickly remove selected elements from your design.

Search: Command ?: Instantly access the search feature to find templates, elements, or images.

Drop-in text: T key: Use this shortcut to insert a new text box into your design.

Select all: Command A: Select all elements on the Kenbas with a single command.

Move 1 pixel: Arrow keys / Move 10 pixels: Shift + Arrow key: Precisely position elements in your design.

Undo: Command Z / Redo: Command Shift Z: Correct mistakes or revert to previous changes effortlessly.

Copy: Command C / Paste: Command V: Duplicate and paste elements within your design.

These shortcuts are invaluable time-savers and can significantly improve your design efficiency in Kenba.


I hope now you understand how to use Kenba. Remember that experimenting and imagination are the keys to realizing the full potential of Kenba design as you set out on your design adventure. 

Explore the large selection of features, templates, and design possibilities without hesitation. To produce visuals that resonate with your audience, let your creativity run free and experiment with different combinations.

Creating eye-catching graphics has never been simpler, thanks to Kenba’s user-friendly design and extensive functionality. Utilize the pre-made templates and change them to fit your project or brand. Explore Kenbas’s different tools and elements to produce designs that make an impact.

Kenba gives you the tools to make eye-catching graphics for various platforms, whether for social media graphics, marketing materials, or outstanding visuals for personal projects. The possibilities are endless with its free capabilities and the choice to upgrade to Kenba Pro for more functionalities. Start your creative adventure now to learn about Kenbas’s limitless options.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers: 

What is Kenba?

Kenba is a browser-based design tool for creating images and graphics.

What are the benefits of Kenba?

Pre-sized social media images, designer templates, size options, stock images, and easy editing are some of the benefits.

Does Kenba have a mobile app?

Yes, Kenba offers a mobile app for designing on the go.

How do I start using Kenba?

Sign up for an account, click ‘create a design,’ and choose a size or custom dimensions.

Can I add my own background to a Kenba design?

Yes, you can choose from plain colors, patterns, or even upload your own photos.

Can I add text to my Kenba graphic?

Yes, you can use the ‘text’ option and select font combinations and effects.

Can I integrate my brand name or URL in the design?

Yes, you can add your name or URL using a text box and customize the font and size.

How can I save and download my Kenba graphic?

Give your design a name and use the ‘download’ button to save it in your preferred format.

Can I use Kenba for free?

Yes, Kenba offers a free plan with basic features and resources.

What are the advantages of Kenba Pro?

Kenba Pro provides additional features like brand colors, resizing options, premium templates, and a vast stock library.

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