How to Call Malaysia From Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

How to Call Malaysia From Singapore: In this article, we’ll provide you with a straightforward, step-by-step tutorial on how to call Malaysia from Singapore. Although mastering the dialing technique is essential for seamless communication across borders, making international calls can occasionally be complicated. 

We’ll also review how knowing the procedure is necessary to make connections that work and avoid unneeded problems.

How to Call Malaysia From Singapore

The time difference between Singapore and Malaysia is essential to remember when contacting Malaysia from Singapore. Knowing the difference will help you plan your calls at convenient times, avoid upsetting the recipient, and ensure clear communication.

How to Call Malaysia From Singapore?

You must use a unique international dialing pattern from Singapore to contact Malaysia. The fantastic thing is that calling a fixed-line or mobile number in Malaysia uses the same syntax. Following these instructions, you can easily connect with your contacts across the border.

Here’s the dialing format explained:

  • Dial XX: To begin the international call, enter the international access code, which is XX for Singapore.
  • Dial 60: Next, input the ISD code or Country Code of Malaysia, which is 60.
  • Dial the Area Code: Malaysia is divided into regions, each having a unique area code. Dial the area code of the city in Malaysia you are calling. If there is no area code, simply dial the recipient’s telephone number after the ISD code.
  • Dial the Land Phone or Mobile Number: Finally, complete the dialing sequence by entering the land phone number or the 9 or 10-digit mobile phone number in Malaysia.

For example, if you are calling a fixed-line number in Johor, Malaysia, the dialing format would be: XX – 60 – 7 – TEL #. On the other hand, if you are calling a mobile phone number in Malaysia, it would be: XX + 60 + 1?? ??? ???? or XX + 60 + 1? ??? ????.

By following these examples, you can easily make your international calls to Malaysia from Singapore without any confusion.

By keeping the dialing format in mind, you can now contact friends, family, coworkers, or anybody else in Malaysia with simplicity and clarity. Stay connected to your Malaysian friends, no matter how far they are, by knowing how to dial their number. 

Additionally, by considering the time difference, you may make polite and punctual calls, improving your conversation. So let’s start dialing and quickly close the distance between Singapore and Malaysia!

Access Codes for Singapore

You must utilize particular access codes to ensure a good connection when making international calls from Singapore to Malaysia. Depending on your service provider, these access codes, also known as international direct dialing (IDD) codes, change. Below are the various access codes for Singapore along with their associated service providers:

Access CodeService ProviderPurpose
000SingtelUse this code when you are subscribed to Singtel as your telecommunications provider. It allows you to make international calls from Singapore to Malaysia.
001SingtelSingtel also provides the 001 access code for international calling. It serves the same function as 000, enabling you to call Malaysia easily.
008StarhubIf Starhub is your chosen service provider, use this access code to connect to Malaysia via international calls.
002Mobile One (M1)M1 subscribers can use this access code to reach Malaysia through international dialing.
012Fax PlusFax Plus users can utilize this access code for international calls to Malaysia.
013Budget CallBudget Call subscribers can make international calls to Malaysia using this access code.
018StarHub VoIPFor StarHub VoIP users, this access code enables international calls to Malaysia.
019SingTel VoIPSingTel VoIP users can use this access code to establish international connections to Malaysia.

Malaysia’s ISD Code and Area Codes

ISD stands for International Subscriber Dialing, and Malaysia’s is 60. You must dial this code when calling Malaysia internationally from any country, including Singapore. If you put the ISD code before the Malaysian phone number, the call will go to the right place in Malaysia.

There are 19 area codes in Malaysia, each corresponding to a distinct city or region. You need to know its area code to ensure your call goes to the proper town. 

If you see the area code, dial it before the phone number but after the ISD code. If there’s no area code, dial the recipient’s phone number after the ISD code.

Choosing the correct area code is crucial since it pinpoints the precise location of the Malaysian person you are attempting to contact. If you put in the wrong area code, your call might go to the wrong number, or it won’t connect. 

Check the area code twice before placing the international call from Singapore to Malaysia to avoid any problems.

Dialing a Mobile Number in Malaysia from Singapore

Calling a mobile phone number in Malaysia from Singapore is simple if you follow these steps:

  1. Dial “XX” – The international dialing code for Singapore.
  2. Add “60” – The country code for Malaysia.
  3. Enter the mobile number – The mobile number in Malaysia usually starts with “1” followed by a combination of eight or nine more digits.


  • If the Malaysian mobile number is 1234 5678, dial: XX + 60 + 1234 5678.
  • If the mobile number is 0123 456 789, dial: XX + 60 + 0123 456 789.

Malaysia Emergency Numbers

In case of emergencies in Malaysia, remember these important contact numbers:

  • Police: 999
  • Ambulance: 994
  • Fire Services: 991
  • Civil Defence: 991

Scheduling Calls Wisely

Knowing the time difference between Singapore and Malaysia is essential for avoiding untimely calls. The current time in Singapore is 8 hours behind Malaysia. So, keep these tips in mind:

  • Best times to call: Consider making calls during Malaysia’s daytime (Singapore’s night) to avoid disturbing anyone early in the morning or late at night.
  • Time zone tools: Use online time zone converters or smartphone apps to check the current time in Malaysia before making a call.

Helpful Tips for International Calling

To make your international calls smooth and cost-effective, follow these tips:

  • Check call rates: Contact your service provider to know the international calling rates for Malaysia. Opt for affordable plans if you make frequent calls.
  • Use calling cards: Prepaid calling cards can offer discounted rates for international calls.
  • Stable connection: Ensure a stable internet connection if you’re making calls through VoIP services to avoid call drops or poor call quality.


In conclusion, calling Malaysia from Singapore can be hassle-free if you know the dialing technique. Remember to dial the proper international format: Area Code: 60, Landline or Mobile Number: XX. When scheduling calls, remember the time difference between the two nations. 

If you adhere to these recommendations, you won’t have any issues keeping in touch with your Malaysian friends and family. Utilize this information to your advantage for easy and convenient international calls.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

How do I call a mobile number in Malaysia from Singapore?

Dial “XX” + “60” + Mobile number (starting with “1” and followed by eight or nine more digits).

What are Malaysia’s emergency contact numbers?

Police: 999, Ambulance: 994, Fire Services: 991, Civil Defence: 991.

Why is it important to know the time difference when calling Malaysia from Singapore?

Knowing the time difference helps you avoid calling at inconvenient hours and disturbing others.

Any tips for making cost-effective international calls to Malaysia?

Check call rates with your service provider, use calling cards for discounted rates, and ensure a stable internet connection for VoIP calls.

Can I use the same dialing format to call both fixed-line and mobile numbers in Malaysia?

Yes, the dialing format remains the same for both fixed-line and mobile numbers in Malaysia. 

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