How to Book Sainik Rest House online (2023): Easy Step-by-Step Guide

How to Book Sainik Rest House online: Sainik Rest House is an essential facility for the renowned Ex-Servicemen community, which includes veterans, their widows, and dependents. This unique facility strives to offer a cosy and friendly setting for individuals who have served the country with the utmost devotion and heroism. 

How to Book Sainik Rest House online

Online lodging reservations are one of the critical components of providing a hassle-free visit at the Sainik Rest House. This essay will walk you through the procedure while emphasizing its value and practicality.

What is Sainik Rest House?

Veterans and their families can stay at Sainik Rest House, a designated lodging facility, during visits to Zila Sainik Boards or Rajya Sainik Boards. It has tastefully appointed guest rooms, dorms, and dining areas for a relaxing stay. 

After being established in 1993 as a result of a decision, the Central Sainik Rest House in Naraina, New Delhi, was officially opened in 2017 by the Honourable Defence Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley, assuring full functionality and compliance with Ministry of Defense regulations.

How to Book Sainik Rest House Online?

Booking accommodation at Central Sainik Rest House in Naraina has been made easy with the introduction of an online booking system.

Step-by-step Guide to Booking:

  1. Visit the official website of KSB ( during the working hours (10.30 hours to 17.30 hours).
  2. Choose the desired date and accommodation category (Officers, JCOs, or ORs).
  3. Submit the necessary personal details for reservation.
  4. Maximum Advance Booking Period:

For most users, reservations can be made up to 15 days in advance of the intended stay. However, serving Officers, JCOs, and ORs can book a day before their arrival, subject to availability.

Payment Methods:

To confirm the booking, the required amount must be deposited in the CSRH account through POS, NEFT, or Paytm.

Payment of Booking through Paytm

The Central Sainik Rest House now accepts payments through the popular digital platform Paytm, making the process more convenient and accessible for users.

Paytm QR Code:

  • The Paytm QR code is provided, allowing users to make quick and secure payments for their accommodation bookings.

Advantages of Using Paytm:

  • Instant payment processing ensures a seamless experience for the users.
  • Enhanced security features safeguard personal and financial information.
  • Digital payment options reduce the hassle of handling cash transactions.

Eligibility for Use of CSRH

The Central Sainik Rest House (CSRH) at Naraina is intended to cater to the needs of various individuals, primarily the Ex-Servicemen, their widows, and dependents. However, it is important to adhere to the established eligibility criteria to ensure fair and efficient utilization of the facilities.

Eligibility Criteria for Booking and Using Sainik Rest House

  • Ex-Servicemen and their Dependents: The primary beneficiaries of CSRH are the Ex-Servicemen themselves and their eligible family members who require accommodation while visiting Delhi for various purposes.
  • Personnel Attending Re-settlement Courses: Individuals who come to Delhi to attend re-settlement courses can also avail themselves of the Sainik Rest House facilities, subject to availability.
  • Serving Personnel of the Defence Forces: Serving personnel and their families can use the rest house if there are vacant rooms or dormitories.

Specific Purposes for Utilizing CSRH

  • Official Meetings: Sainik Rest House can be used for conducting official meetings of Sainik Boards and other gatherings as directed by the Competent Authority.
  • Vocational Training and Resettlement Courses: The facility supports vocational training and resettlement courses for the benefit of Ex-Servicemen.
  • Social Functions: The CSRH permits the hosting of social functions like marriage ceremonies by Ex-Servicemen, widows, and civilians (with payment) at specified rates.
  • Defence-Related Events: The rest house may host events such as Recruitment Melas, War Widows Meets, Defence Pension Adalats, Gallantry Awardees meets, seminars, etc.

Adhering to Guidelines

It is essential for all users to strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth for using the Central Sainik Rest House. Properly utilizing the facility ensures that the available resources are optimally distributed and efficiently managed.

Accommodation and Facilities at CSRH, Naraina

The Central Sainik Rest House in Naraina offers a range of accommodation options and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for its guests.

Guest Rooms and Dormitories:

  • Officers: The rest house features ten spacious rooms, each equipped with two beds for accommodating officers.
  • JCOs: Five rooms, each with two beds, and two dormitories, each with eight beds, are available for Junior Commissioned Officers.
  • ORs: Similarly, five rooms with two beds and two dormitories with eight beds each are designated for Other Ranks.

Dining Hall:

A well-appointed dining hall is provided for guests to relish nutritious and delicious meals during their stay.

Conference Hall and Multipurpose Hall:

The CSRH boasts a fully equipped conference hall, as well as a versatile multipurpose hall, suitable for various events and meetings.

Amenities and Services:

  • All rooms and dormitories are furnished with essential amenities, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience for the guests.
  • Adequate security measures are in place to guarantee the safety of the occupants.
  • Housekeeping and maintenance services are diligently provided to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Important Contact Information

You can call the reservation desk at Central Sainik Rest House, Naraina, at 011-25777049, to make reservations. On all working days, the reservation desk is open during business hours and ready to help people who want to use the facilities.

Contact the Central Sainik Rest House management committee for any questions or additional help. The committee consists of dedicated people who maintain and manage the rest home. Through the Joint Directors (Administration & Coordination) and Joint Directors (Policy & Accounts), you can contact them using the information provided on the KSB website.

Number of Sainik Rest Houses across India

India takes great pride in its dedication to the welfare of Ex-Servicemen, as evidenced by the extensive network of Sainik Rest Houses that dot the country’s landscape. There are 338 Sainik Rest Houses (SRHs) in different state capitals, district headquarters, and union territories.

In many places across the country, rest houses are available to support veterans, their families, and dependents when they travel for various reasons. These reasons include resettlement issues, medical treatment, pension-related matters, and other essential needs.


In conclusion, Sainik Rest Houses are essential in offering assistance and support to the community of Ex-Servicemen and their families. The construction of the Central Sainik Rest House in Naraina demonstrates the government’s dedication to the care of our gallant warriors.

We strongly advise all widows, dependents, and Ex-Servicemen to utilize the convenient online booking service provided by the KSB website. By making reservations in advance, you may guarantee a hassle-free and practical experience when staying at Sainik Rest Houses nationwide.

Sainik Rest Houses promote community and belonging among the Ex-Servicemen fraternity and provide a nice place to stay. These rest homes act as homes away from homes where people can rekindle their friendships with other veterans and exchange stories.

Let’s show our appreciation for the unwavering spirit of our armed troops by taking full advantage of the amenities Sainik Rest Houses offers. We can preserve the memory of our courageous troops’ bravery for future generations by working together to support and recognize their sacrifices.

Book your rooms online to take advantage of Sainik Rest Houses’ friendly services and warm welcome. Let’s join together to recognize and treat our heroes with the respect and care they deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

What is a Sainik Rest House?

A Sainik Rest House provides accommodation facilities for Ex-Servicemen, their widows, and dependents when visiting various places for different purposes.

How can I book accommodation at Central Sainik Rest House, Naraina?

You can book online through the KSB website ( between 10.30 hours to 17.30 hours on working days by depositing the amount in CSRH account (POS/NEFT/Paytm).

Can serving Officers/JCOs/ORs book accommodations in advance?

Yes, serving Officers/JCOs/ORs can book accommodations one day prior to their arrival.

Is prior payment required for confirmation of booking?

Yes, one day’s rent must be paid through POS/NEFT/Paytm in CSRH Account to confirm the booking.

What are the contact details for accommodation bookings?

The contact number for booking accommodations is 011-25777049.

What is the eligibility to use Central Sainik Rest House?

Ex-Servicemen, their dependents, personnel visiting Delhi for re-settlement courses, and serving personnel of the Defence forces can use the rest house.

Can the rest house be used for social functions?

Yes, Sainik Rest House can be used for social functions like marriages by Ex-Servicemen, widows, and civilians on payment at specified rates.

What facilities are available at Central Sainik Rest House, Naraina?

The rest house offers guest rooms for Officers, JCOs, and ORs, a dining hall, and conference/multipurpose halls.

How many Sainik Rest Houses are there across India?

There are a total of 338 Sainik Rest Houses spread across various State Capitals, District Headquarters, and Union Territories.

What is the significance of Sainik Rest Houses for Ex-Servicemen?

Sainik Rest Houses provide a supportive environment for Ex-Servicemen and their families, offering affordable accommodation and fostering a sense of community among veterans. 

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